Advantages of Invisalign over braces

Just deciding you're ready to transform your smile is a big step. The next step is deciding the best way to do it. See why 6 million people have chosen Invisalign clear aligners.


Fusion Dental

is a Digital Practice operating with iTero 5D scanner for Orthodontic Treatment


iTero Element® scanner

See your smile in a whole new way. Your doctor can create a 3D image of your teeth in just minutes using an iTero scanner, a leading digital scanner from the makers of Invisalign® clear aligners. 1

Get a high-resolution, interactive image of your teeth
Fewer redos and a better aligner fit than with goopy physical impressions
Takes 6,000 images per second

No goop, no gagging
Invisalign Progress Assessment
Track your progress at every appointment
Invisalign Outcome Simulator
See your new smile before you even start

1. Some doctors still take physical impressions using a soft putty. These impressions are then scanned by Invisalign technicians to create the 3D image for use in the ClinCheck® software and manufacturing aligners.