Are you looking for bracers in Singapore? Orthodontics (also known as Braces) is the branch of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis,correction and prevention of tooth irregularities, poor bites and jaw malpositions. As Orthodontic specialist, we try to create a beautiful and natural looking set of teeth, uniquely designed for you, the individual. Any person, young and old, can come for orthodontic treatment to have your teeth, smile and face brought into proper alignment. You will love to smile when your teeth look great. Your self esteem improves. This will benefit your social and career success and brighten your outlook on life.Straight teeth are also easier to clean and properly aligned jaws function better. Poor bites may lead to tooth decay, gum problems, uneven wearing of tooth surfaces and even speech impediments.

Braces are usually placed when nearly all of the baby teeth have exfoliated, when the child is around 10 to 12 years of age. However, we strongly recommend that a child starts to come for an Orthodontic consultation at the age of 7. Children with anterior or posterior cross-bites, developing jaw deviations, and certain unhealthy habits such as prolonged thumb, finger or pacifier sucking need early interceptive treatment. A simple fixed or removable brace may need to be worn for a short duration to correct the problem. Early treatment is beneficial to the proper growth of the jaw bones and may help to prevent or reduce future complications.

Adults may have orthodontic treatment too. Teeth can be moved at any age, though orthodontic treatment may be needed in conjunction with other procedures, such as periodontics (gum treatment), prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, dentures, implants), aesthetic dentistry (veneers, tooth whitening) etc. Not all braces give you an unsightly "metal mouth". We offer more aesthetically acceptable options, such as ceramic braces, lingual braces, instant braces in Singapore and clear aligners (a.k.a. Invis align). Now you can have straight teeth and a beautiful smile without having to wear obviously visible dental braces.

Most patients have the perception that extraction of teeth are necessary. In actual fact, extraction of teeth is only recommended in severely crowded cases and many patients can actually achieve straight teeth without having any extractions. There are few stages to orthodontic treatment. Some patients will need early interceptive treatment. For most patients the active corrective treatment is followed by a retention phase. Please feel free to discuss the treatment process and expected outcome of each stage of treatment with us so that you know what to expect from your treatment.

With the used of modern orthodontic methods and appliances, the discomfort usually experienced by patients during treatment is usually significantly reduced.

Braces have also become very trendy and fun for patients. You may change the colour of your "brace" at each adjustment visit to suit your mood or the occasion.